Join me scurvy crew

Howdy folks, I'm Ethan Parker, founder of Parker Planners. I studied Industrial design at Arizona State then accounting at Brigham Young University. 10 years ago I done invented a handy paper planner that sold across the country. Now we make the best personal productivity software in the world.

Drop us a line at ethan }at{ parker planners [dot] com and include a link to your online portfolio, resume, github, and stackoverflow account.

Mobile/Mac dev

If you've got strong experience in consumer iOS, Mac, or Android we'd love to hear from you.

Attitude is key.

What we looks for:

  • BS/MS/PhD in computer science or portfolio of quality, shipped work.
  • A fierce, make-it-happen attitude that produces high-quality results that work.
  • A history of accomplishing interesting feats.
  • Be able to write elegant, readable, and well-documented code.

TW/FB/Snap/Pinterest junkie

We want someone to be totally on top of social trends and to interact with our customers on a daily basis. You must have demonstrated success in this area.


  • Have worked at a big-brand company doing this kind of social - or -
  • Excellent verbal and written communication. I want to read your blog and it should probably have at least 5k uniques per month. You can verify this through