Join me scurvy crew

I'm Ethan Parker, founder of Parker Planners. I studied Industrial design at Arizona State then accounting at Brigham Young University. 5 years ago I done invented a handy paper planner that sells across the country. Now we’re looking for outstanding engineers and designers to join our pirate ship ’o’ fun. Drop us a line at ethan }at{ parker planners [dot] com and include a link to your online portfolio, resume, github, stackoverflow account.

iOS dev

We're looking for a bomb-diggity iOS developer. Man, woman, animal, or mineral. You should be excited by user interaction with consumer apps. You should also love your work so much that you’d be willing to eat code instead of food or sleep for two days. You should be able to then, eat sleep. You should understand Core Data, other buzzwordy frameworks, and things that I suck at. You should love to design for the user and truly care for the user.

We also face challenges that involve iPad stuffs and future things like controlling iPhones with your mind and crud like that.

These are the things:

  • A college edumacation degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
  • A fierce, make-it-happen attitude that produces high-quality results that work.
  • A history of accomplishing interesting feats.
  • Be able to write elegant, readable, and well-documented code.

Twitter/FB junkie

We want someone to be totally on top of Twitter/FB trends and to interact with our customers on a daily basis. You must have demonstrated success in this area.

For this, these are the things:

  • Have worked at a big-brand company doing this kind of social busy-nass. - or -
  • Love it so much that you’d work for us for the first 2 months getting paid in gift certificates
  • Excellent verbal and written communication. I want to read your blog and it should probably have at least 5k uniques per month.