Parker Planner is the only complete planner for iPhone

You need a calendar, to-do list, AND notes to plan properly. Three distinct things that come as 3 separate, standard apps on the iPhone. Wouldn't you like to see a todo list while you plan, or take notes about a calendar event and view them all at the same time?

Now you can. Parker Planner for iPhone, the only planner app with a calendar, todo list, and notes all on one screen! Use life wisely.

We started off as a paper planner company selling to bookstores and college campuses across the US. We used that expertise to create the best digital planning experience out there.

How does it work?

Parker Planner syncs to any calendars already paired to your phone. Just download the app, allow permission to access calendars, and Bam! All events are automatically added.

Get the app here!