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Praise for Parker

“A handy all-in-one organizational tool to make life easier.”

“Parker Planner is a mixture of a diary, notes and to-do list app. Of course we had to look at it.”

“It’s in the day view that everything comes together, literally.”


“To-do list, calendar, and notes app in one.”


Should we do

To-do Tab

Parker Planner automagically imports all your todos and to-do lists from the Reminders app!

Then when you make changes you can see all the results reflected in the Reminders app on all your devices. Even make reminders using Siri!

Week View

View, create, move, and delete events from Week View! On iPhone it's landscpae only.

Month View

See this month's schedule at a glance. Calendar events are color-coordinated dots and check marks indicate a to-do is due that day.

Tap the top bar to scroll to the current month.

Color Themes

With well over 7 billion people in the world, we figured you'd need at least 12 colors to choose from.

Even changes the tab bar highlight color!

Notes Tab

Brand new for Parker Planner 2.0 is the notes section. You can now sync notes across devices and organize them by tag!

Add one of more tags to a note and it will show up in that folder. You'll find it's a very useful and powerful feature.